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Our story

In 2015 I realised something was wrong.

I was run down, exhausted, unhealthy and unhappy.

I was living an empty life that had no focus on my inner self. Everything was about the world around me, instead of the world inside me.

I began to research and look for ways to nurture my body and spirit, and discovered that many of our cosmetic products have toxic ingredients that are linked to cancer, hormone disruptions, skin irritation and depression.

So the power of universe planted this idea in my mind: make natural perfume!

I always believed that mother nature has all the powers for healing and nurturing our bodies.

Being a mother also makes you more aware of everything you give your children: the food, the ingredients, the body products. It’s so important that we raise our children with products that are in harmony with their little growing bodies.

Mighty Spirit | 100% Natural Unisex Perfume

My journey began.

And I loved the creative process! I discovered so many essential oils, I melted (a lot) of shea butter, I played with portions and potions.

As I detoxed my cosmetic routine and replaced everything with natural ingredients, I began to feel happier, energised and more in tune with my spirit.

Natural perfume is a healing medicine for our body and our spirit

When we use products that are in harmony with our body’s cells and energy, we are more aligned with the energy of the universe.

Our life here on earth is so precious and so powerful, and we have this incredible opportunity to find our ‘true self’ and nurture the positive energy within us.

We can change the world darling 😉

Mighty Spirit is now an Australian brand offering 100% Natural Unisex Perfumes to women and men across the globe.

We love sharing our perfumes and seeing the delight and beautiful smiles when people feel the scent on their body.

It’s a beautiful experience and we look forward to sharing our perfumes with you!

With love x

Natural Perfume

Mighty Spirit | 100% Natural Perfume