Yes! We began Mighty Spirit with a 100% dedication to using natural ingredients, that give us ‘a bit of love from mother nature’.

We use high quality pure essential oils, absolute oils, and Certified Organic Ethanol (naturally derived from sugar cane) in our perfumes.

We described our perfumes as Organic, as majority of our ingredients are Certified Organic.

We love the trust that comes with using Organic ingredients.

Our goal is to be a Certified Organic product in the near future.

Our perfumes are 100% Vegan. Yeah baby!

We only test our perfumes on friends, family, and willing strangers. We also guarantee that our ingredients are all plant-based and environmentally friendly.

Our Organic Perfumes are a ‘parfum’, which means they have a high concentration of essential oils in each bottle.

We are proud to offer high longevity with our Organic Perfumes, so your fragrance will be noticeable for 6 – 8 hours.

We are proud to be an Australian made and Australian owned company.

All our products are handmade in Brisbane, QLD Australia.

We put a lot of love and positive energy into creating each perfume bottle.

Yes! The glass bottles are fully recyclable.

We recommend that you test a small sample of the product on your skin first. See how your skin responds to the product. If a rash or irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.

Our products are natural, so if you have a reaction, you may be sensitivity to a particular ingredient. So try it first, have a first date, then fall in love 🙂

We are committed to providing you the best in body and health care.

All our products are free from parabens, sulphates and any other nasty chemicals.

Choose life. Choose 100% Natural!

Most commercial perfumes use harsh alcohols derived from petroleum – ew!

Our perfumes are made with Certified Organic Ethanol naturally derived from sugar cane – yum!

Our Ethanol is also pure and undenatured, so it’s free from toxic chemicals that are sometimes added to alcohol products.

What about your skin? The good news is that natural ethanol is totally fine. If you use a large amount of alcohol, it can dry out the skin. However, each spray of our perfumes has such a tiny amount that your skin will be absolutely fine.

We love Organic ethanol because it allows our pure essential oils to blend together, and gives our fragrances a nice ‘lift’. So when you’re walking past a crowd, everyone will notice how good you smell. 🙂


The best places to apply the perfume is on your wrist and neck.

Our perfumes are made for external use only 🙂

Mighty Spirit products are free from artificial and toxic chemicals, so generally, your skin will love it!

As a person with very sensitive skin, I can say our products will blend wonderfully with your skin!

If you do have a reaction to a product, discontinue use.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or ill we recommend you speak to a health professional before use.

As our perfumes are alcohol-based, they will last for ages. Phew!

The most potent scent will be in the first 3 years, but we’re sure you will finish your bottle before then 🙂

To keep your products lasting forever, keep them away from sunlight and high temperatures (like an Aussie car in the middle of summer :).

Organic Perfume