How to create your own miracles


I’ve experienced two miracles in the past 12 months.

The first was on Christmas Eve.

I was in Fiji.

Touched by the silky breeze of cocktail pink sunset.

Alone… but free.

I searched the end of the horizon.

And opened my fragile broken heart, and asked the universe:

“Send me my soul mate. And nothing less.”

It was a prayer.

With terms and conditions.

I let my hope fly into to the watercolour sky.

And fell asleep to this lullaby.

The next morning, I continued my usual resort routine.

Buffet breakfast. Snorkel. Eat. Snorkel. Eat. Snorkel.

A universe of coral delight was just a few feet from the shore.

I dipped my toes into its mineral turquoise. And dipped my head under like a mermaid.

I was surrounded by an aquarium of fish. Some a metre long. It was beautiful!

I rose to the surface, and gasped for air.

And there he was.

Floating towards me.

A perfect junction of our universes.

He said ‘hello’, and took off his snorkels, and his eyes were as green as the lagoon.

I completely melted.

It’s been 7 months now, and everyday I fall more and more in love with him.

I asked the universe for my soul mate. And she delivered.

Now I have faith.

The second miracle

I try to plan and control everything, but I know there is an energy that underlies all of existence.

When we tap into this energy, we align ourselves to the universe and her power.

So last year I quit my job.

I was unhappy.

I felt creatively suffocated.

I decided to take three months off, and build the Mighty Spirit brand.

I wanted to help people heal and become empowered.

I was dedicated. I worked 6 days a week. I worked 12-hour days.

And I drained my savings.

I calculated the dollar value of the months that passed, and asked the universe: “Bring this money back.”

Today. One year has passed.

And through a completely unrelated circumstance, that exact amount of money was deposited back into my bank account.

Another miracle!

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So I want to share this power with you.

You can practice this anywhere, anytime.

You can ask the universe for what you want.

But you also have to have faith that she will deliver.

And it’s all yours.

Start by creating a vision board of what you want in your life.

Home. Friends. Love. Family. Work. Creativity.

Everything that matters to you.

Design your own vision board

  • Grab some old magazines
  • Cut out pictures that represent your vision
  • Stick them on your wall
  • Gaze at them everyday
  • And have faith that the universe will deliver

Peace xx


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Join the tribe!

Enjoy more quirky, raw and fun stories about learning to love your body, mind and spirit


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